Tracy Levesque Fine Art
Chromatic Acrylic Paintings

About Tracy Levesque


"Self-portrait at 40 painted at 39 with one cat in heaven and the other in my arms," by Tracy Levesque

Acrylic painting on cradled birchwood, 2017. Collection of the artist.


Tracy Lévesque's work is truly a celebration of life.

A vegan, a nature enthusiast and an animal rights advocate for over 20 years, Lévesque's chromatic paintings are a life-long love affair with nature and a tribute to the incredible world we live in.

Born in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, Lévesque spent her early years immersed in the beauty of this breathtaking rural countryside. Now, working as a full time artist and traveling up and down the east coast every year for exhibits and shows, Tracy finds her inspiration anywhere nature can be found.

A self-taught artist, Lévesque started out as a realistic painter but quickly abandoned realism for an impressionistic, symbolic style that spoke more to the psychological realities of human existence rather than the more conventional interpretations of it. Using color as the trigger for emotion, texture for visceral response and line as the conductor of cognitive process, Lévesque's work attempts to mimic the reaction we have when we are actually physically out in nature, enveloped by the beauty and awe that the natural world evokes. "I call it Fairytale Realism, " Lévesque says, "but if it makes you happy and lets you escape the chaos of everyday existence for a moment and dream a little bit, then I've done my job well."

Lévesque studied Graphic Design and Japanese printmaking at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, MA and received a double BA in Theater Arts and English and American Literature from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. 

You can visit Tracy's studio in Lowell, MA at Western Avenue Studios located at 122 Western Avenue from 12-5pm the first Saturday of every month (except for October) or by appointment. Tracy's studio is located on the second floor of the studios building in studio 212. You can meet the artist, view her newest paintings and shop for prints and gifts in her studio.